Radiological Safety Awareness in Medical Imaging


The increasing use of ionizing radiation in medical sector needs well trained workers and comprehensive implementation of radiation protection programme. This one day course is specially designed and to create awareness on the ionizing radiation which needs special attention to the radiation safety in order to protect the safety of staff and patients. Thus, this one day CME course will equip participants with the necessary knowledge on ionizing radiation emphasizing on the aspects of radiation protection and safety procedures in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984. It is also designed to contribute in nurturing the safety culture at workplace leading to the improvement of safety performance.


The programme is designed to enable participants to understand the philosophy and principles of radiation protection. It also helps participants to be aware on the radiation hazards, biological effects and risks on ionizing radiation. Hence, it helps the participants to reinforce the importance of correct working procedure when dealing with imaging equipment.


Doctors, Radiation Protection Officer (RPO/RPS), Radiographer, Medical Physicist, Lecturer, X-ray Operator/Nurse and all those who are involved in the use of ionizing radiation.


1 Day

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